3 Visions of Horror (demo)

by 3:33

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released May 26, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pigs In Wolves Clothing
Pigs in wolves clothing tell lies about evidence, macho actions cover lack of intelligence, all their work wont amount to shit, tired of police scare tactics, You want me to help you? you want me to plea? you want me to help you so you can stick it in me? Don't be a fool, used as a tool, don't let detectives tell you "it's cool", if you comply you will get by, pigs in wolves clothing always fucking lie...It's a full moon and the wolves are out, and if you fuck up they end up in your house, tear things apart without remorse, fuck whoever to get to the source, They say be calm, it wont take long, say there after big fish and then they take off with your bong, Don't be a fool, be used as a tool, don't let detectives tell you "it's cool", if you comply you will get by, pigs in wolves clothing always fucking lie....Pigs in wolves clothing try to fuck me around, when they're search nothing is found, sadly reporting back to the station, blood-thirsty captain is waiting, thinking about while he's licking his teeth, just some pigs looking for something to eat. DEAD COPS DEAD COPS DEAD COPS!
Track Name: Locked In
I wake up in the morning for you, I do what you tell me to do, I represent your disgusting brand, as long as I'm here I'll never be the man, Is my purpose on earth, to ever-increase your worth, living locked in and defeated, week to week, broke and depleted, (CHORUS) You're so much smarted, you're so much better than me, I'll just work harder and your life gets better from me, Fuck you I'm clocked in, I know you're watching, I'm fucking stopping, this jobs got me locked in, breaking my neck for a shitty paycheck, work til I have nothing left, the more I do the less I fucking get...I broke all my plans for you, I don't do what I want to do, to make your money is my objective, show up, don't think, get disrespected, this can't be the life that I chose, open all your doors as mine close, living locked in and defeated, week to week broke and depleted... CHORUS
Track Name: Army of Squatch
Hiding from the world, living among the trees, eyeing at our flesh, eager to see what's beneath, army of beasts using bone to clean their teeth, thousands of year they had to wait, now they've found lives to take, attack from sasquatch is well on its way, we seized ancient land, now we fucking pay....ARMY OF SQUATCH X4...All they want is to kill and eat, humanity enslaved, human lives to keep, a nation of monsters prepared for slaughter, no bullshit motives, it's our lives there after, echos of howls calling for blood, screams in the night, body parts in the mudd....ARMY OF SQUATCH X4