D​:​33 Split

by 3:33/The Donalds

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This is the "Step Brothers" split. A DIY masterpiece....


released March 30, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ivan the Taker of Lives
He's coming after you, and there's no where to hide, his name is Ivan the Taker of Lives X2
Armor-clad and covered in blood, behind him ruins where cities once stood, a beast blood thirsty vengeance on his mind, the mission clear, sword on his side, slaughter so simple when you're slaying for the state, he killed 100 fucking people at the gate, a fucking animal, a monster among men, his only thought is gut as many as he can...
Track Name: Doomed Industry
Quality is no longer a value, it's just a matter of what they can sell you, quantity is where the money is, forced labor employed 3rd world kids, strangle the lower class by exporting jobs, 'cus it wont effect those fucking slobs, who tell you don't complain...
Until you consider the cost, opportunities and futures all lost, just keep feeding and feeding the system, worship money 'cus it's your religion, until we open our eyes and see, it will forever be, a doomed industry...
Everybody needs something, just make it cheaper, when 3rd world kids mass produce, it's so much easier, everybody needs something, to us it means nothing, send the work over seas and say fuck 'em...
Cars and machines are not built to hold up, after the warranty's up, you're stuck, in debt because of this lemon, anger and fear has got you trembling, lawyers are needed to take corporations on, but you don't have the money from day 1, things have been out of hand too long, doomed industry, where's your money gone?
Track Name: Dr. LookGood
You're shallow and vain, dragging along by a hook, you rescind your inner pain, with all your outer looks, one visits all it took, new doctor in this town, get out your checkbooks, I will turn your life around...
All those saddle bags, will be in the past and nobody will laugh, perfect hair and tan, stapled shut my gut and now I'm the man...
Welcome to my place, tell me please, what it is you hate about your face, and you'd like to change? I have a special plan, to make you entertaining to everyone in the land! and it starts at 100 grand...
We'll extract the nasty, with our custom rhinoplasty, have you looking snazzy, people gather 'round! See whats behold, a freak who will forever break the mold...
You wanted a job, now you're a clown, no perfect face, or ass that's round, we fixed your nose, circular and red, huge curly wig, sown to your head, gave you make-up, for you to keep, aspiring beauty queen, turned circus freak!