The Swamp Cult Split

by Cremains // 3:33

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Split album from RVA Thrash Punks 3:33 and Cremains




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Track Name: 3:33 - Swamp Cult
I’d like to report a missing person
The last time she was seen
She was walking near the woods
Where the killers said to be

Step into the basement
Through pools of human waste
Bound for torture and disgrace
Until the Swamp Cult takes your life

New girl in town
We’ll snuff you out
We only want what’s best for you
you’re beaten, you’re bloody, you’re black and blue.
We’ll snuff you out

If you run you’re gonna die
Swamp Cult killer take your life!

It’s a goddamn blood bath in this place
Bodies thrown into the fray
We find them in the woods where the killers said to be
Where the killers supposed to be

If you run you’re gonna die
Swamp Cult killer take your fuckin life!
Track Name: 3:33 - Dr. Look Good
You’re shallow and vain, dragging along by a hook
You rescind your inner pain with all you outer looks
One visit is all it took, new Dr in this town
Get out your check book, I will turn your life around
All those saddle bags, will be in the past, and nobody will laugh
Perfect hair and tan, stapled shut my fucking gut, and now I’m the man

Welcome to my place, tell me please
What it is you hate about your face? And you’d like to change!
I have a special plan, to make you entertaining
To everyone in the land, and it starts with 100 grand
We’ll extract the nasty, with our custom rhynoplasty, have you looking snazzy
People gather ‘round, see what’s behold, a freak who will forever break the mold

You wanted a job, now you’re a clown
No perfect face, or ass that’s round
We fixed your nose, circular and red!
Huge curly wig, sewn to your head!
Gave you make-up, for you to keep!
Aspiring beauty queen, turned circus freak!
Track Name: 3:33 - Parking Lot Beer
Get fucked.......Get drunk before the show
Make sure the beer is cold
Blacktop don’t need no tips
We’re getting drunk as piss
3:33 came to rage
We’re in the parking lot
3:33 in the parking lot
Parking lot beer!
Let’s get drunk
Parking lot beer!
Get fucked!
Track Name: Cremains - Sexual Fear
Witches Dance into Hellenic Trace
Grow Bitter and Cold For What Your Eyes Behold
Smoldering Flame To Which You Have No Claim
Must Wither Her Soul

Torture, Expulsion, Tell Us You're Rotten
No... No....

Clear My Vision of Your Indecency
I'll Name You to Hell, Rip Your Teeth and Nails Free
Lustrate at the Stake, Piety Smokes Off Your Skin
Embody My Sin, Die For My Chagrin

Tainted Morality
Targets Sexuality
Accusations From A Lustful Lerr
Take An Innocent
Bind Them, Tie Them
Torment Them
Extirpate the Succubi

Witches Dance In Hellenic Trance
Temptation Rends The Orthodox Soul
Heavens Conspire To This Funeral Pyre
Sexual Fear Takes Control

Torture, Expulsion, Tell Us You're Rotten

Accusations From Lustful Morality
Targets Sexuality
Another Victim Of This Fallacy

Dogmatic Rule
Empowers Fools
That Look To Point The Blame
At Anyone But Themselves
Track Name: Cremains - Turning the Swamp into a Cesspool
Strip Democracy In 30 Days
Only Hear the Voice That Gives (you) Praise
Megalomaniac and a Narcissist
Comes To Power Waving His Phone And His Fist

He Doesn’t Drain The Swamp
But Fills It With More Filth
Replacing Civil Servants
With Corporate Will

Hyper-partisan Scum

Empty Promises
For the Empty Heads
Validating The Bigotry
With The Lies He’s Been Fed

Ignorant to domestic threats
Not considered Terrorism
A Label of skin color
And nation of Origin
(guitar solo)

At the Cries of your Loyal Minority, You build a wall
Draining our tax dollars on something frivolous and trivial

Hyper-partisan scum

He smiles as He sells you lies
they’re gobbled up implicitly
Using corporate practices
to form national policy

4 More years of WASP rule
4 more years of fascist fools
4 more years of religious bigotry
4 more years oft the patriarchy